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Full Version: Link to Old Raymarine Forums
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http://raymarine.ning.com/forum <-- Link to the old forum

This post should be made "sticky" so people may easily navigate to the old forum and search for things that may have been previously discussed or solved. It also allows continuation of discussions on the new forum without having to enter everything again.

New posts should be only be made on the new forum. If a discussion or question refers to a post in the old forum, a link to the specific post in the old forum may be inserted in the new post on this forum for easy reference.


The following post suggested an enhancement to Lighthouse V15 software on the order pdf files were listed:

Then additional information could be provided in the new post ....
Welcome to the new Raymarine Forum Bill,
It looks as though we were of like minds on this subject. Please click here to view the thread within the new Raymarine Forum addressing this subject.
Thanks Chuck. I missed that post. You may want to see if a link to the old forum could be more prominently placed for easy access. Possibly in the header or on the top menu.

I run a few forums so am aware of all the startup issues you face :-)
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