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Full Version: Quantum - unable to apply software update
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I have a Quantum, ES128, and A Series. My Quantum is on V 1.36 and trying to update to 1.46. Quantum has both HS and Wifi connectivity to the ES128 (from which I am attempting to update from). All other software is current.

Updating the quantum times out. Quantum is powered up and moves between TX and standby with no problem. Have tried disconnecting HS connection to force the update over wifi (suspecting the system is confused as to which network connection to use, but to no avail, and power cycled and attempted the update 5 times.

Photo of update attempt attached.

Please help
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ryearsley,

After a Quantum radome has been networked to a MFD via its data cable, it may not establish Wi-Fi communications with the MFD until the radome has been disconnected from the Ethernet Network and then the circuit supplying it with power has been switched OFF and then ON again.

For the benefit of others who may be viewing this discussion, please be aware that the design of the Quantum Q24C actually includes two Wi-Fi interfaces ... one within the base of the radome and one within the radome's core of the radome. The data cable interfaces with the Wi-Fi interface within the base of the Q24C radome, which in turn communicates via Wi-Fi with the Wi-Fi interface the radome's core. When the MFD communicates via Wi-Fi with the Q24C or Q24W, it is communicating directly with the Wi-Fi interface within the radome's core. The Quantum radome software update includes updates to both of the Q24C radome's Wi-Fi interfaces. However, the software update for the Wi-Fi interface within the Q24C radome's base may only be updated via the data cable. Accordingly, when updating a Q24C which will interfaced via a data cable to the system, the update must be performed via the data cable.

Given the symptoms reported, it is recommended that the radome be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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