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Hi Folks,

I will be adding an AIS 500 to my current system. I have attached a wiring schematic that I'd like to have verified. Its my set up with an AIS 650.

The diagram appears to be correct for an AIS650. If replacing the AIS650 with an AIS500, you will need to verify the color of the AIS500's 38400 and 4800 NMEA 0183 leads. The manual for the AIS500 may be downloaded from Raymarine's web site.
Hi Folks,

I FINALLY got around to installing the AIS500 discussed in this thread. I have attached my depiction of the wiring diagram based on what was sent to me sometime ago by one of the moderators and would like to get a second look.

Using this wiring diagram I was not able to get GPS or AIS "lock" at all so I tried connecting the red wire form the MFD SeaTalk to the GPS Red/Green and SHS Red wires and everything lit up right away.

My question is if the drawing is wrong and should have included the red wire I mentioned above or if I just got lucky and there is some other issue that I have managed to by pass.

The SHS is the Gyro Plus 2, the GPS is the Ray125, MFDs are classic E series. The SHS does has a switched 12v power feed.
I had to make an update to the drawing. Attached

Your latest diagram appears to be correct. Only the black and yellow leads of the MFD's SeaTalk/Alarm Cable should be interfaced to the SeaTalk bus which is supporting communications between the GPS Sensor, MFD, and SHS. As the SHS is powered, it is correctly shown supplying power to the SeaTalk bus.
Thanks for the quick reply Chuck.

The challenge is without the red SeaTalk wire connected I'm not getting GPS or AIS lock. In my mind that implies there isn't enough voltage coming out of the SHS SeaTalk feeding the GPS however if I recall correctly when I stick a meter on the SHS I'm getting 12+ volts at the port. I'll double check the SHS but for the time being will it hurt anything to run it with the red MFD SeaTalk wire connected?

When used in the manner which you are using SHS, it is recommended that the SHS be powered via the SeaTalk bus rather than via its power terminals. Accordingly, it is recommended that the power and ground leads be disconnected from the SHS and instead be connected to the power and ground leads of them the SeaTalk bus.
Hi Chuck,

Thanks again for the prompt reply. To ensure I understand correctly. Since I have the red SeaTalk wire from the MFD connected to the Red from the SHS and both the red and green wires from the GPS I should disconnect the switched power from the SHS +/- 12v inputs and add them to the SeaTalk side? I updated the diagram to reflect what I believe you are telling me, please see attached.

Your diagram is correct in all but the SeaTalk connection to the MFD. The red lead of the MFD's SeaTalk cable will not be used.
Ok, remove the MFD SeaTalk red and move the +12v currently connected directly to the SHS to the SeaTalk side.

This brings up the question of fuses. The SHS asks for a 10amp fuse when the power is connected directly. Now that the power will be moved to the SeaTalk side, does the fuse rating change?
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