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Full Version: S1 autopilot configuration issue
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I wouls need advise on the following issue with a S1 pilot + gyro external module pn a 27' sailboat :

- I did all the autolearned required and pilot confirms that confirguration is sucessful
- I did choose level 5 for rudder gain on my configuration
- Under sail the autopilot react as required
- When I turn on the engine (therefore running a 5 kts or so) and that I turn on the autopilot I have major steering variance (+40 degrees)...

Any hint on the setting I should look at ?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum christian_jean,

Auto Learn should be executed when making good way under power. It should not be necessary to make any adjustments to rudder gain following the Auto Learn process in a properly functioning system. It is recommended that the Auto Learn feature be executed again. Immediately after having successfully completed the Auto Learn feature, operate the vessel under power in AUTO mode ... does is steer correctly? If so, switch OFF power to the autopilot course computer for fifteen minutes to permit any capacitance within the autopilot dissipate. Switch the autopilot ON again and then operate the vessel under power in AUTO mode ... does is steer correctly?

I did the autolearn again (passed) and I do have the same issue.

Under sail @ slow speed pilot steer perfectly. As soon as I turn the engine on and I raise my cruising speed at around 5 kts the boat does not steer strait (+/- 30 degrees) doing big curves.

Any idea of what should be checked else ?


Given the symptoms reported, it is recommended that the Response Level, not the Rudder Gain, be incrementally increased when operating under power to command the autopilot to maintain tighter heading / tracking.
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