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Full Version: Voyage Planner and Navionics charts
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I have just purchased and installed VoyagePlanner

I am having difficulty in importing my navionics plus charts. The charts were purchased in June of 2015 and they are under a current update plan. On the media (a microSD) I can see the nTag.txt file however VoyagePlanner claims it can not find it. The number in the file is: US1I771PM6BGSU.

Any thoughts?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bob,

In the interest of leaving no stone unturned, please verify whether the microSD memory card containing your Navionics cartography is the same mircroSD memory which you are trying to load charts from (i.e. seeking to verify that you have not copied cartography files from one microSD memory card to another).
I contacted Voyage Planner support in Toronto ... long and short of it is, I have to run VP as administrator.


Thanks for the follow-up. If you’re not in an admin account and then try to install and use VP, there is a high chance that it will lock you out of the AppData folder. This folder is critical to the application, as it is where Navionics stores their licensing keys and it is also where VP stores its database and software settings. It is the recommended Windows folder for storing all app settings and changes etc.

If the Windows security is low enough that it allows any regular users into the AppData, then it’s generally fine no problem for non-admin users. However, if the security is high and thereby preventing access the AppData, then it may cause issue. The developers of VP recommend using the software in an administrator account just to avoid the complexity of understanding and configuring Windows security.

The developers have had a few cases in the past in which the Windows operating system had prevented the registry keys from being stored or for database files to be accessed ... but it’s usually for people working on government or corporate PC’s with extensive security.
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