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Full Version: Raymarine 240 vhf- speaker volume
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Hi Tech Support. Please let me know if there is any setting that would have changed the volume on my 2 station ray240 vhf that is now causing the ext speaker volume to be much lower than it ever was, and, there is sound from BOTH the speaker AND the handset at the same time? This has not done this before someone was messing with the vhf last week. Thanks so much.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum dmahler,

No, the handset speaker volume is totally independent of the amplified speaker volume control. Historically, a moisture damaged amplified speaker volume control will become intermittent and reduce the volume. To verify this, quickly rotate the speaker's volume control knob CW/CCW to clean off the internal wiper arm and normal audio should return.

If the above doesn’t solve the issue, then try wiggling the right angle handset cord connector to see if normal amplified speaker audio volume returns. If not, tune the radio to a local weather station and then unplug the handset from the bulkhead connector to see if normal audio returns. Please respond with the results of these tests in order that we can plot a course a course of action.
I rotated the speaker volume button on the speaker about 15 timers and magically, it worked!!! Thanks Chuck!
You're welcome.
Hi guys, please help. The same 240E active speaker has no volume. I flipped the switch many times to try and clean the wiper contacts to no avail. Is there anything else I need to try, or, is there a replacement speaker that will work? or- can I send this in for repair?
Thank you so much!
Hello dmahler,

Please contact your nearest Service Center to discuss options of repair > Dealer Locator

Happy boating and kind regards
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