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Full Version: Quantum User Manual?
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I was disappointed to find that the available user manuals for the Quantum only include the installation manual. Although useful for installation and set up, that manual provides little information about using the Quantum. When I asked the marine electronics firm that sold and installed my unit, they told me that the radar section in the MFD manual provided all the information. But I have the E6 unit, and that manual predates the this radar unit. Sure some things may be similar, but I would like to read a thorough discussion about this new technology and how to use it to its fullest. For example, the Quantum boasts that it has superior short range imaging capabilities compared to the older technologies. Great, but what are the nuances of using this for example in crowded harbors or in variable weather conditions? How about the unique problems concerning interference with other similar radar units?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jack,

As accessory sensor devices (ex. radomes, open array pedestals, CP100/200/370/470/570, SR150, etc.) do not have control or user interfaces directly on the sensor itself, Raymarine only provides installation guides for these products. The user interface for such items is the MFD to which the accessory sensor device has been interfaced. Accordingly, the latest version of operations guide for the MFD will include operational information for the sensor device. In this case, Quantum radome setup and operation is included within Chapter 16 Radar Operation of the LightHouse II MFDs Release 17 Operations Guide. Other than setting up communications with the Quantum radome, Raymarine has designed its controls to be common to Raymarines other compatible radar transducers. Features which are unique to the HD and SuperHD radar transducers (ex. Dual Range, 48 RPM, Bird Mode, etc.) are identified as such within the corresponding sections of the Radar Operation chapter.

As with other Raymarine products, the latest version of the LightHouse II MFDs Operations Guide may be downloaded from Raymarine's Manuals and Documents web page. The web page additionally feature a link to permit customers to purchase a hard copies of the latest versions of Raymarine's product documents. Finally, the LightHouse II MFDs Operations Guide (corresponding to the version of LightHouse II software presently installed within the MFD's memory) is installed with the MFD's memory each time that the MFD's software is updated, permitting the Operations Guide to be viewed via the MFD.

As Quantum radomes are designed to CHIRP, interference from other radar transducers is unlikely.
Thanks very much Chuck. That's a very clear and extremely helpful answer.

My inner geek, though, is disappointed to not have access to a full discussion about how the radar works compared to earlier technologies and what to expect heavy rain, etc. I like to understand the technology on my boat so that even if I can't fix a problem, I can anticipate it or at least understand what might be going wrong. Do you know of any source I could consult? The brochures are not enough.


Unfortunately, other than the technical information posted on Raymarine's web site, Raymarine has not released a white paper addressing the technical details of the product. You may want to search the Internet for articles such as this Panbo article: http://www.panbo.com/archives/2016/01/ra..._form.html .
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