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Full Version: i50 add to seatalkng/nmea2000 network
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I have a mixed nmea/seatalkng network with an a75, DST800 smart transducer and several othere devices. I was thinging of adding the i50 with the P79 three wire tansducer as a reduntent depth device. I would also like to connect the i50 to the nmea2000/seatalkng network so that the depth information would be avaiable on the a75 as well. The i50 may be the depth or the tridata depending what data I want to display. The reason for this plan if the nmea/seatalkng network crashes which it did last week because of a bad device I will still have depth information on the i50 from the P79. Will this plan work.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum George,

Before getting on to the question at hand, it should be noted that an i70S MFID should be installed within a system featuring a DST800 smart transducer. The i70S MFID will be used to calibrate, configure offsets for, and set alarms related to the data produced by the DST800.

As a system featuring the equipment which you have specified supports multiple sources of a particular type of data within the system, in this case depth, it would indeed be possible to simply interface the i50 Depth/Tridata Instrument as a spur to the SeaTalkng backbone. Within a system of multiple sources of any one type of data, the a75's Data Sources feature would be used to manually specify which of the sources (for which more than one source is present within the system) will be used by the system.
Thanks Chuck

I have the ability to communicate with the DST800 to set the offsets with another nmea2000 device on the network. I am aware of the need for the i70 if I did not have this other device. I will be moving forward with the i50 and the p79 transducer as the backup depth device.
You're welcome.
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