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Full Version: No Data Source" - Digital/HD Digital Radome and HD/Super HD Radar Pedestal
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The radar shuts down for no reason, then it will not reconnect unless the switch on the radar is turned off then back on. I upgraded the software to 17.45 and the guts of the radar has been sent in to Raymarine and the entire base was also sent in on a second try, your technical repair person found nothing wrong with it either time. I purchased the SHD Radar and a C125 this past February. It has never worked.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Scharpfy,

It is recommended that the vessel be connected to shore power, that its batteries be permitted to fully charge, and afterwards and while still connected to shore power, that the radar be tested. Should the problem abate, then it would appear that the problem is resulting from insufficient power being supplied to the VCM. Should the problem continue, then it would be recommended that:
- the switch (if any) controlling power to the VCM is in the ON position
- the switch on the back side of the pedestal is in the ON position
- the power circuit from the VCM to the breaker/fuse switch through to the battery terminals be inspected to ensure that the gauge of wire is appropriate, connections are tight and free of corrosion
- the Digital Radar Cable has not been damaged/modified.
- the loaded system voltage supplied to the VCM be measured to ensure that it is within its operating range ... note that the MFD does not supply power to the radar and that the MFDs and radar are typically installed using separate power circuits.

Should the checks listed above not identify any issues, then it would be recommended that the radar pedestal (not simply its core) be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced. Please note that should the equipment have been installed by a Certified Raymarine Installer, then onboard warranty to include removal of the equipment, shipping within the USA, repair, and reinstallation of the equipment should be available.
It has been on shore power the entire time. We used the same power cables that were used on the previous c-120 and analog 4k open aray. The core was sent in first, as was the base on a second try. The installer worked for a licensed Ray Marine installer for 15 years. I need help please.

While any authorized Raymarine dealer may install Raymarine equipment, Certified Raymarine Installer have applied for and passed Certified Raymarine Installer, NMEA, and or GROL testing and attend regular training from Raymarine. Unless installed by a Certified Raymarine Installer, onboard warranty would not apply. As the radar core and pedestal have been sent in twice previously with no fault found, then the problem would appear to be with the installation onboard the boat should the radar be receiving sufficient power as has been suggested. Accordingly, it is not recommended that the radar equipment be sent to Raymarine. In this case, it would be recommended that a Certified Raymarine Installer in your area be contacted to visit the boat, inspect the installation, troubleshoot the problem, and if necessary, perform any corrections to the installation.
In the event I would contact a Certified Ray Marine installer to trouble shoot, and the installer finds no problem with the installation, and the installer finds an equipment problem. Will Ray marine pay for the Installers labor?

Your Raymarine product warranty would not likely cover the installers labor in the scenario which you have specified. Please note that this Forum is intended to function primarily as a technical support mechanism. Should you have any additional warranty issues / questions, it is recommended that Raymarine's Warranty Manager be contacted at warranty@raymarine.com.
Thanks Chuck, I will contact Warranty for help.
You're welcome.
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