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Full Version: WiFi Quantum connection
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I recently purchased the e97 MFD and Quantum Radar, upon first installing the radar the MFD recognized the wifi connection and the radar came on with no problems at all. Everything looked as it should. However, heading back to the boat this weekend the MFD cannot connect to the Quantum radar, I have followed the normal troubleshooting routine, entered the SSID and pswd again, disconnected power to the radar, reconnected and entered the SSID and pswd again, it still won't connect. Says, "Radar not found" on MFD.

Follow-on question - is this going to be a continual problem with the radar unit? If I have to reset and reconnect and enter the SSID and pswd on the radar every time I want to use it, the wifi option seems like more trouble than it is worth. How do I ensure the radar stays connected and ready to use on a boat used mostly on weekends?
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Has the Quantum radome been connected to a switched 12 or 24 VDC power circuit?
Yes, the Quantum is connected to power, no switch in line as I figured it could be controlled by the MFD.
It is wired to a 12V fused circuit, not switched as I figured I could control it from the MFD, and the batteries are turned off when not in use.

Contrary to the Quantum radome's installation guide, it is recommended that the radome powered from a switched 12 VDC power circuit rather than directly connecting to the battery or bus bar. The Quantum radomes will go into sleep mode (low power (2W)) approximately 20 minutes communications with the MFD ceases. Should the MFD be powered ON again before the Quantum radome enters sleep mode, then the MFD will again automatically pair with the Quantum radome. However, should the Quantum radome enter sleep mode, then it may be necessary to switch power to the Quantum radome OFF and then ON again.
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