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Full Version: Information concerning plans for future products and software
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Information concerning plans for future products and software

Please note that Raymarine policy prohibits its employees from addressing future products, future product features, the features to be included within the software of future products / software updates, and the schedules for product and software releases with the public. Such plans are subject to change based upon internal development schedules, feature prioritization, design and production challenges, and business needs. While Raymarine new product and software are commonly announced in conjunction with the major boat shows (METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show, Miami International Boat Show, and Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show), Raymarine may announce new products and software at any time during the year. It is correspondingly recommended that customers periodically check Raymarine’s web site for new product and software announcements and/or configure their Raymarine website account profiles to send e-mail regarding such announcements.

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