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Full Version: Raystar 130 to E120
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I am installing a Raystar 130 GPS antenna to seatalk and a E120.
I am not sure where the three cables plug into the Seatalk converter base.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Don,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how a Raystar 130 GPS Sensor should be interfaced to an E-Series Classic MFD.
I connected my Raystar 130 to my E120 as the diagram shows. I have no other devices other than the Raystar 130 and the MFD.
My radar works fine but I cannot get a fix for the GPS. Am I missing something?

Have you updated the MFD's software to v5.69? Have you installed termination plugs within the two remaining blue backbone sockets of the SeaTalkng backbone created? Have you verified that the SeaTalkng backbone created has been powered from a switched 12VDC power circuit? Is the Raystar 130 GPS Sensor's LED illuminated? If so, what color is its LED? Has the GPS sensor been installed in a location affording it an unobstructed view of the skies overhead?
Yes, the software is 5.69, termination plugs are in, it has power. I have not checked whether the sensors LED is illuminated. It is mounted flat on a hardtop with nothing over it. I will check whether the sensor is lit.
Thank you,
You're welcome.
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