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Full Version: C80 Chartplotter slow down
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I recently updated my C80 Chartplotter with the most recent charts from Navionics. After doing so I noticed a significant delay in moving around the chart using the softkeys, such as when I wanted to scan out, there was a 10-20 sec delay in having the chart zoom in or out. Also when I try to use the arrow keys to move the chart from side to side or up and down to look at another area, the cursor reaches the end of the chart, but nothing happens for 10-20 seconds and then it move one frame at a time. It seems like my cashe memory has bogged down and can't keep up with the soft key inputs. Any ideas or a solution? I want to do an update on the C80 software, but am waiting to receive a 128 mb CF card which was recommended rather than a larger one. They are not available in stores any longer, so the internet is supplying me with one. Thanks!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum wcletien,

The reported problem is resulting from the significantly greater amount of cartography stored programmed onto currently sold Navionics chart cards than was programmed onto Navionics chart cards which had been sold during the period when the C-Series Classic MFDs had been sold. If using a Navionics+ chart card, it is recommended that the amount of nautical charts stored on the chart card be reduced to no more 2GB of data.

Regarding the software update to your MFD, please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject, including where one may obtain a memory card which has been populated with the latest software update files for one's product.
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