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Full Version: e Series MFD MAC Address for WiFi
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My marina WiFi system works on MAC address authentication tied to an account. This requires that I register the MAC address to my account before the MFD can connect.
I have searched throughout the manual and the settings (e7d MFD bought in 2014 and equipped with latest current software) to no avail. The only MAC address anywhere on the diagnostic screens is for the wired ethernet connection, not the WiFi.

I finally figured out that if I brought the unit home, connected it to my home WiFi router and looked at the status page for connected devices, I could determine the MAC address - it showed up as an unknown device on my DLink router. I registered the MAC address with the service provider and now everything works fine. This exercise points to a gap in the documentation or maybe I am just not seeing the right page.

I hope that future system software updates will provide more visibility to the various WiFi settings to allow connection to various commercial WiFi services that require more sophisticated connection hand-shaking and that my work-around helps others with the same problem.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Eeyore,

Thanks for the product feedback and we were glad to learn that you were able to employ a workaround to get the MFD's Wi-Fi MAC address. There are several smartphone apps out there (ex. Wifi Analyzer (farproc), etc.) which may also be used to to sniff for WiFi signals and their corresponding MAC addresses.

A feature request will be logged to consider the adding this information to the MFD's diagnostics features within a future a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD software update as well as within future MFD designs.
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