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Full Version: ST8002 with an E127
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Two questions, I installed a new e127 on a new to me 2007 Legacy 32 Down-east Express.
I updated the Lighthouse software and created a route using the auto routing. I opened up the route and hit follow route, and i don't know how to engage the autopilot to follow the route.
My prior boat had e97s and a p70 installed at the same time in 2013 so it was all same vintage electronics.
The AP is on the network, as i can see the rudder position on the e127, which also begs another question, which is, can I place the rudder indicator permanently on the e127 display as a header or footer so it always displays, it is difficult to see on the AP head.
Thanks in advance!

With the older autopilot, point the vessel at the route's first waypoint and, press the autopilot control head's AUTO button, and then press its TRACK button twice (once to command track mode and the second time to acknowledge that it is safe to turn to the heading specified by the autopilot control head).

Should a compatible autopilot featuring a SeaTalk communications interface be interfaced to the SeaTalkng backbone (via a SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter updated with v2.1 software) or and autopilot featuring a SeaTalkng communications interface be interfaced to the SeaTalkng backbone, then the MFD's Autopilot Control may be configured ON, permitting the Pilot Controls bar to appear at the bottom of the screen, and display the rudder bar.
I can see an AP status on the home page, but that is not a button to press. Not sure how to configure MFD AP to on.
Thank you for the info on setting the AP to follow a route!

The complete description and details for using the Autopilot Control feature may be found within Chapter 7 - Autopilot Control of the LightHouse II MFDs Release 17 Operating Instructions. After configuring the Pilot Control (HOME->SET-UP->SYSTEM SETTINGS->EXTERNAL DEVICES->PILOT SET-UP->PILOT CONTROL) to ON, the Pilot Bar (HOME->SET-UP->SYSTEM SETTINGS->EXTERNAL DEVICES->PILOT SET-UP->PILOT BAR) may also be configured to ON.
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