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Full Version: Raymarine open array upgrades?
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I have an open array which worked for the pathfinder series, I now have a C120 classic, Is there any way to upgrade the software or system board to make it compatible with the C120 Classic series? I have seen the inside of both older and newer serial numbers and they all seem identical inside, please advise.
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Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. There were circuitry differences between the -S versions of the M92654 and M92655 open array pedestals (i.e. M92654-S and M92655-S), permitting them to additionally be used with the C/E-Series Classic MFDs. Unfortunately, parts and service are no longer available for either version of the M92654 and M92655 open array pedestals.
Thank you for the quick reply. The model number is M92654 with a serial number of 0230029. After reading the link, do I just need a split cable (E05018)? Can I just break out my current cable and use external power?
ps: sorry for the barrage of questions but I dont want to spend 235.00 if It wont work.
Also I dont see an "S" at the end of the model in the pedastol where i have the M92654.

Per the FAQ found here, the serial number 0230029 (29th unit produced during Feb 2003) has an earlier production serial number than the cut-off, 0530246 (246th unit produced during May 2003), making it incompatible with the C/E-Series Classic MFDs. The M92654 4kW pedestals produced after this serial number will additionally feature the "-S" suffix appended to M92654.
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