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Full Version: Display time on all screens - DragonFly 7
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I'm a freshwater fisherman who was looking for something new/different in a fish finder and I choose the DragonFly 7 last fall. I've been getting used to it and overall like it very much. However as a fisherman who enters tournaments I find it frustrating that there is not a time widget available on all screens just like temp, depth, and speed. Time is being captured via the GPS, so I'm hoping there can be a software update to have it display? Is this possible?
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Thanks for the product feedback. Please click here to view a forum discussion in which I had recently addressed this subject.
Thanks for pointing me to that thread. So is there any way a software update could remedy the issue by putting the time on all screens? A clock is a fairly standard feature. I understand we all have our cell phones with us, but during a tournament I just want to see the time quickly without my dirty hands digging for my phone.

The feature request will be logged accordingly to be considered for inclusion within a future Dragonfly software update.

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