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Full Version: ST60 Wind Instrument
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My ST60 wind instrument quit working with no warning. The display dial is vertical at 12:00 and the digital display is blank (a dash in each digit). Mechanically the cups are spinning and the direction paddle is moving with the wind. Here's the voltages measured in the junction box inside the boat with the wires connected:
Red-Shield 7.97 vdc
Yel-Shield 7.97 vdc
Grn-Shield few milli-volts
Blu-Shield fiew milli-volts

With the Blu, Yel, and Grn wires disconnected (going to instrument display) this is what I measured on the mast side of the terminal strip in the junction box:
Red-Shield 7.97 vdc
Other three wires showed a slowly rising voltage from 250 milli-volts to about 1 vdc.

I'd like to determine where the source of the problem is, preferably without climbing up the mast to retrieve or inspect the anemometer assembly. Any instructions on what to do would be greatly appreciated.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Rich,

Based upon the information supplied, it appears that your masthead transducer has failed and should either be replaced or sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
thank you Chuck,
You won't believe this but I could of sworn I looked up at the masthead when this problem first appeared but I guess my old memory is failing me, well I know it is. Anyway I double checked it and ..it's gone! No sign of it. So, I need a new one. I've looked at your website and elsewhere and it looks like I need an E22078. I noted that Raymarine's info says it's compatible with ST60+, other's site says ok for ST60. Mine's an ST60 according to the manual, so is the E22078 ok for the ST60?

The ST60, ST60+, and i60 Wind instruments, as well as the iTC-5 and ST70 Wind Pod are all compatible with the E22078(30m) E22079 (50m) mast head transducers. Raymarine's web master has been notified to make this change to the Masthead Wind Transducer's web page accordingly.
Thank you Chuck.
You're welcome.
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