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Full Version: Evolution autopilot, why no patterns for sailboats?
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Why are fishing patterns disabled for sailboats in evolution autopilots? Most sailboats nowadays actually have auxiliary engines and are known to lower sails, when fishing or SAR operations. (And yes some of us fish from sailboats.) Patterns like zigzag, circle and search would be really great sometimes to have on sailboat as well.

If the concern is that accidentally turning on autopilot with fishing pattern could cause sailboats to accidentally gybe when sails are up, then it would be OK, to make it available through menu and special acknowledgment box as in: "Do you really want to do it and are your sails down?"

But currently, if I wanted to follow any pattern I would need to change boat type causing reset of all autopilot settings and need for full re-calibration. This is very inconvenient.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum martintali,

Thanks for the product feedback. A feature request will be logged accordingly to consider this feature for inclusion within a future software update to the Evolution autopilots.

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