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Full Version: Cable ???
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Good Day ....In "organizing " all my extra stuff !! I have 2 cables... Both are labeled on the jacket E 259757-C..... one cable has two molded 4 pin connectors ... the other had a 5 pin connector wit a bare wire end (yellow - green/yellow-black-white-green )
Can you tell me what these are for as i cannot remember where or when i got them ...

Thank you .
Hello Tony T,
I could take an educated guess and say that the 4 pin connector cable is a cable that is used between a Digital Sounder Module (DSM) and a C-Series Classic MFD.
The 5 pin connector cable sound like it is a NMEA-0183 cable for a C-Series or E-Series Classic MFD, but the colors reported are one off. Usually we would see, Yellow, Brown, White, Green and Shield.
If you could upload a picture of each end of the cables, we could probably say for sure which cable it is.
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