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Full Version: Short Raynet cable needed
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Not sure if this should be listed under the Radar forum but this is what I need. We have a sailboat and would like to mount the eS97 at the wheel. I need a short F to M raynet cable 2m 3m to go down the guard pipe for adding the radar at a futurn date. This way we can have all the wires we need going forward. When we add radar next year all we have to do is run the radar cable over to this short cable and we are all set. (I assume that the radar cable that comes with the HD radar is a Female plug) The only raynet cables I see are F to F.
Hello George123,
You are correct. All the Raynet to Raynet cable connectors are female.
What you could do is get a 2M (A62361) or 5M (A80005) Raynet to Raynet cable and add a 100mm (A80162) Male to Male cable joiner adapter.
Thank you this will be great.

Your'e welcome. Have a great day!
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