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Full Version: Upgrading from SR100 to SR150
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If I choose to upgrade from a SR100 to a SR150 with my chart plotter upgrade from an E120 to an Es127, can the antennas, power, and connection stay the same and the upgrade be a simple swap of the main unit? The SR100 is currently connected via seatalk HS and the SR150 would ideally stay the same... Thank you for any insight you can provide.
Hello Blmcglynn,
It will require some re-wiring. Although the SR150 will use the same antenna,
power, and STHS protocol, the physical connections/connectors on the SR150 are different than that of the SR100.
The antenna will require an adapter cable that should be provided with the SR150.
The new power cable, also provided with the SR150 will need to be spliced into the existing cable or re-run to the same power source as the SR100. And lastly, a new STHS cable or adapter will need to be purchased to make the communication connection.
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