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Full Version: Safe zone Ring reverts back to HIDDEN status each time MFD is restarted
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We are running an e127 master with e125 and e97 slaves. We operate with a visible 2 cable safe zone ring on our radar display. When we updated to v15.59 we found the ability to run a visible safe zone ring had been removed (per thread on previous tech forum). We then rolled the software back to v13.37, the only other version available. We can run the safe zone ring again, however it reverts to "hidden" status on every startup and has to be reset through the menu system. Prior to the v15.59 upgrade the "SHOW" safezone ring setting was maintained on shutdown, as are all other settings. Is there a way to fix this, or is there another software version we could try, e.g. v12 or v14? Thanks for your input.

Unfortunately, the software history documented on the a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD software update web page does not list any specific changes which would have affected the feature in the way which you have described. That said, the v15.59 software update included the first significant change to this feature with the introduction of the new Collision Avoidance features.
Agreed, but my thinking was that since all three MFDs now behave the same way this is unlikely to be a hardware issue. Is it possible that the v15.59 upgrade could have changed something in the system that cannot be rolled back? If v12 or v14 of the software could be made available we could at least give it a try. Thanks for your input.

Before proceeding with this response, the behavior which you are presently reporting is believed to be the way that the radar feature had functioned prior to the v15.59 software update and that no earlier version of a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD software would alter this behavior.

The MFD's behavior would in no way be permanently changed as a result of updating its software. In this case, rolling back the MFDs software to an earlier version would have ensured that all of the radar features supported by that earlier version would continue to be supported. Each software update not only includes feature additions, but also includes feature corrections. As the software updates include feature corrections, Raymarine recommends that its products be maintained with the latest software updated. For this reason and any potential associated liability, Raymarine does not support downloading any version of product software other than the latest available update.
As expected - thanks for confirming. Hopefully the next update will bring back the safe zone ring feature that was removed in 15.59.
You're welcome.
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