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Full Version: ES9/Quantum
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I'm not sure what has been done but I removed the eS9 due to storms but now the Quntaum will not power back up. It has power at both ends of the cable but won't power up. Can you help me figure this one out?
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Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
Chuck I went thru the steps and even called the Tech support group. They want me to send the eS back in for bench testing, but now there is sorta a new twist to all this. Once I go out into a more open area (the river) the radar comes on and wants to transmit. I let it come up and run and it does great. But once I cross back into the creek it shuts back down again.... Can you try to maybe explain or help? Is there a setting I'm missing? I can't send it in till the second week in Oct I need my charts and depth
Is your marina located in close proximity to any high power RF transmitters such as may be found near an airport, military installation, etc.? Please respond with the coordinates of your vessel when located in its marina slip (where the problem presumably occurs).
The marina is right behind Jamestown Island VA. I will have to look up the coordinates for you and re-post. Before the unplugging it was working in my slip. So I'm not sure that would be the issue.
Interestingly, the Yorktown Naval Weapons station appears to be nearby.
I don't think you could throw a rock around here without hitting a base of some type. Fort Eustis is the closest Army base. Could there be a setting in the eS98 that is effecting or causing this to occur? As I said, it was working perfectly in the slip. I just hate to send it back only to find there is nothing wrong with it.

Fort Eustis is indeed quite close to your location. Should you have addressed each of the items identified within the previously referenced FAQ (particularly heed the references to updating the MFD and radome's software, and to ensure that the radome has been installed on a switched power circuit permitting the radome's power to be cycle OFF and then ON again), then no further configuration of the MFD need be performed.
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