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Full Version: Seatalk Fail / SmartPilot
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Seatalk Fail Error
Equipment: Smart Pilot ST7001 & ST-50 Tri-Data
Blindly running new rubber fuel line under the floor I would have crossed over two cables.
I suspect the Fluxgate cabling would be the damaged cable as it snaked under the floor in I assume the same path as I ran the fuel line. The computer to sea talk ran pretty much parallel and not under the floor.
After running the last leg of the fuel line I received a Seatalk Fail error. Everything was in perfect running order prior to the fuel line installation so it sounds like it should be pretty simple. ((Yeah…complex electrical is not my strong suit))
Trouble shooting guides say to check cables and connections. Of course I can’t see beneath the floor so I have been checking the voltage at each end of the cables. The voltages all match from the course computer to the Controller and the Fluxgate. However, the blue FLUXGATE has no of very little voltage at the Smartpilot terminal hence the same reading at the FLUXGATE.
What should this reading be? I’m concerned that something may have shorted back to the computer?
I need to resolve this issue as I am looking to upgrade from the ST-50 to es9-Series equipment.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum tondelayo_29,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Should it be determined that the ST7001 has suffered a failure, then it may be replaced with a p70 or p70R Autopilot Control Head depending upon the model of autopilot course computer which has been installed onboard the vessel.
This is good information and verifies most of the steps I have taken have been correct. I will back track and do a better job with the isolation to see if I can narrow it down or find any change.
I have not yet performed the Fluxgate Compass ohm Test or the Power Checks on the main board. Can you tell me what the voltage reading should be at the terminal on the blue fluxgate connection. The red green & yellow test out at around 4.5V if I remember correctly and the blue is negligible.
Once I have verified all of this I will probably seek return for mfg service

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to test the autopilots fluxgate compass.
Yes and Thank you, I followed your link this morning and made made a copy of the page. However for my own testing information I am trying to find what the voltage should be (if any) at the terminal connection on the PCB. Is this proprietary information? I'm hoping that someone that has a Smart Pilot can turn it on and touch the blue wire terminal connection and tell me what the reading is. Red Blue & Yellow test appox 4.75V and the blue is negligible at best.

All the fluxgate testing deals with ohming out the connections and I will get to that next trip to the boat. I would like to know what the voltage is at the terminal.

Testing the course computer's fluxgate terminals in the manner which has been suggested is not valid and as such, has not been included within the fluxgate transducer test. The voltage across the red and green terminals should be approximately 5V and the voltage measured on the other terminals will vary with the sensing of the fluxgate. Accordingly, a voltage cannot be specified for the blue terminal. That said, it is highly unlikely that a damaged fluxgate cable would result in a SeaTalk failure.
That is exactly what I needed to hear. I would assume if there is damage to the FluxGate cabling that there would be an issue with sensing the unit. I know I can get a replacement unit for less than I can call out a tech and wait 3 weeks.Thank you very much this info may prove invaluable.
You're welcome.
I caught a touch of the flue this weekend and didn't accomplish much but I did do some voltage checks at the Seapilot terminals. The results are listed below....

Voltage at Terminals
Red 2.47
Green 2.47
Yellow 2.47
Blue 0.00 No Reading

Red 4.8
Green 0.00 No Reading
Blue 2.37

Red 12.69
Yellow 0.42

Seatalk UN-USED
Red 12.69
Yellow 10.75

My course computer is the S3 version... Would it be a logical swap to a X5 as a replacement? This in lieu of sending the S3 in for diagnostics and possible repair keeping in mind I wish to upgrade navigation systems to the 9 series.
Unfortunately, Raymarine can no longer service S1/S1G/S2/S2G/S3/S3G Autopilot Course Computers. If seeking a used X-Series Course Computer to replace one of the above listed course computers, then
- an X5 would be used to replace an S1/S1G Autopilot Course Computer,
- an X10 would be used to replace an S2/S2G Autopilot Course Computer,
- an X30 would be used to replace an S3/S3G Autopilot Course Computer,
assuming that the currently installed autopilot course computer had been installed for the vessel's autopilot drive unit.
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