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Full Version: ST4000 plus w/ E80 as navigator over SeaTalk 1 bus
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Hello all,
Has anybody used the E80 as the source of ST4000+ track information over the SeaTalk 1 bus. I want to allow the ST4000+ to continue to use the analog compass (which is directly connected to it) but discontinue use of the NMEA input terminals in favor of SeaTalk 1 bus. If this works, I should be able to put a Maretron SC300 fast heading sensor onto the NMEA 0183 bus for use by the E80 with the bridging function (heading) disabled.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Phil,

The ST4000 will exclusively rely upon the fluxgate compass which has been interfaced to its respective terminals for heading data. While this generation of product did not support multiple sources of any one type of data within the system, Raymarine's MFDs prioritize heading data from a NMEA 0183 heading source over that from a SeaTalk or SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 heading data source. Accordingly, it should be possible to interface the MFD to the ST4000 via SeaTalk and then interface the NMEA 0183 source of heading data the MFD NMEA 0183 Cable's NMEA IN leads to permit the MFD to then use heading data from the NMEA 0183 data source.
Thank you for the confirmation, what got me into this predicament is my E80 does not want to "see" the heading data from the ST4000+ on a recurring basis. When the MFD powers up it sees the heading data displayed by the AP and writes it (one time) to the data bar along with aligning the own boat icon. I have verified E80 chart presentation mode and observed #84 and 9C SeaTalk 1 datagrams being output by the pilot. The MFD has replaced a C70 which was working OK.

You're welcome. Please note that should there be a SeaTalk communications problem with either the MFD's SeaTalk port or the autopilot's SeaTalk port, then the autopilot may be disconnected from the SeaTalk bus and the MFD's NMEA 0183 OUT leads may then be interfaced the autopilot's NMEA 0183 IN terminals.
Chuck, I follow your thoughts, I do currently have the AP NEMA 0183 input as the recipient of tracking commands from the E80. In the strictest sense, I have not actually sent the pilot any waypoints from the E80 so as to verify tracking data can/is being sent bidirectionally. The pilot does work when in course holding mode and wind vane mode. I have assumed the SeaTalk 1 ports on both the AP and MFD are operational due to the buffer on the E80 showing Bidirectional AP datagrams and the ability to turn vectors on to display COG and wind vector. Prior to our conversation, I had this nagging suspicion about the E80 not using the slower heading datagrams from the pilot and the refusal of using COG from the GPS (due to the boat having no velocity).


To be clear, the MFD should not be interfaced via both SeaTalk and NMEA 0183 communications to the ST4000+ or a data loop may result. Choose one or the other.
Understood and thanks for your help, next step is to buy the sensor.

You're welcome. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing the subject of supplying heading data to an E-Series Classic MFD. You may well find that Raymarine's EV-1 Sensor Core is similarly priced to the third party heading sensor which you are considering.
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