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Full Version: ECI-100 Question
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I was wondering is it true if I have an ECI-100 used for a motor from one boat and I buy a different boat and move the ECI-100 to the new boat that it has to be factory reset? So, the ECI-100 is so to say married to the first motor you use it on, is that correct and how can it be factory reset to allow it to be used on a different motor? Thanks.

I am not aware of any such limitation for the ECI-100 and there is no reset command for the ECI-100. That said, should the ECI-100 be moved to another vessel, then the Identify Engines feature of the LightHouse software running on the a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD will need to be executed to configured the ECI-100 for use with the new system.
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