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Full Version: c127 "Follow From Here" Waypoint Issue
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I am running a two station setup with a new c127 and a legacy C120 connected through a Seatalk to SeatalkNG converter. I use the c127 as the primary route navigation source and am running software version 17.45.

It appears that when a waypoint is used in more than one route the "Follow From Here" command is not available, even when only one route is shown on the MFD, or when the desired route is active. The only way to get to the current waypoint to start a route seems to be the "Advance Waypoint" function. That is very cumbersome because the dialog box disappears each time you advance to the next waypoint. If you have 100 waypoints in a route and are currently at waypoint 50 it's impractical to do it that way. When a waypoint is used in only one route the "Follow From Here" command is available and works properly.

Is there any way to initiate a "Follow From Here" command from a waypoint on a route when a waypoint is used in multiple routes?

Thanks in advance for any insight.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum rdlaurrell,

Unfortunately, neither the LightHouse software nor the C-Series Classic MFD software were designed to support use of the Follow From Here feature in conjunction with a waypoint which is common to more than one route. Accordingly, one may only use the Advance Waypoint navigation feature to advance navigation to the desired waypoint. A feature request has been logged to consider the feature for inclusion within a future a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD software update as well as in future chartplotting product designs.

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