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Full Version: I40 ST60 Tridata Question
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I had a stand alone ST60 TriData instrument I used for depth only. It quit and I am trying to replace in with the i40 depth instrument. Will this work?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Michael,

Please note that the power output of the depth sounding circuitry of an i40 Depth/Bidata is lower than than that of a ST60/ST60+ Depth/Tridata. Accordingly, it is not recommended that an i40 Depth/Bidata be interfaced to in-hull transducers. However, should a ST60/ST60+ Depth/Tridata be interfaced to a thru-hull or transom mounted instrument depth transducer, then it may instead be interfaced to a i40 Depth/Bidata instrument display.
Thanks Chuck. If I understand you correctly I need to track down a used ST60 Tridata?

Generally, should a ST60 Tridata display have failed, then would be recommended that it be replaced with an i50 Tridata (display only). If interested only in depth, then it would be recommended that the ST60 Tridata display be replaced with an i50 Depth (display only).
Chuck, thank you again. Just so I'm clear, the i50 Depth will work with my current setup, power and transducer? Essentially plug and play at this point?
The ST60 Instrument's power cable will need to be replaced with the one supplied with the i50 Depth Instrument. Alternatively, a D224 SeaTalk Junction block may be additionally ordered for the i50 Depth Instrument. The power cable of for the ST60 instrument would be unplugged from the ST60 instrument's SeaTalk port and would instead be connected to the D244 SeaTalk Junction Block. The i50 instrument would then be joined to the D244 SeaTalk Junction Block with the A22164 SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Cable supplied with the i50 Depth Display.
Chuck, again thank you.
You're welcome.
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