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Full Version: AIS250 not populating on eS98
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While sailing I had noticed that our Raymarine AIS 250 (older equipment I know) seemed not to obtain a vessels name in any reasonable timeframe and display it on our eS98 (a couple of months old). I do know that the AIS system does not transmit the vessel name constantly, but that it is one of many data pieces transmitted in sequence. I am only guessing that the MMSI number might be the link for them all.

While sailing I didn't have the time to properly (safely) check this out, but today while sitting at the dock I was able to check more closely.

I setup my computer to run OpenCPN at the same time as our Raymarine system. The OpenCPN program and the Raymarine eS98 would both be "listening" to the same AIS250 data stream.

I turned on the system and checked AIS targets. It appears that both Raymarine and OpenCPN saw the same targets at the same time, but the OpenCPN system DID show the vessel name while the eS98 did NOT.

I've attached three files. The OpenCPN screenshot shows the Adventure Cat-2 with MMSI 366864850 (black rectangle around the boat) and the screenshot also shows the time of 23:45 UTC (lower left corner). One Raymarine screenshot is the chart with the red circle around the vessel. The other is the AIS details showing the MMSI number and no name. The time is two minutes after the OpenCPN view.

The MFD is running version 17.45. I have restarted the system a couple of times, and the names do show but it takes awhile. Right now, just prior to posting this, I restarted the electronics. After six minutes the name Adventure Cat does NOT show on the eS98 but does on OpenCPN. Previous observations seem to show some vessel names do seem to populate more quickly than others, but I wouldn't begin to know why.

When a large vessel is approaching our sailing area, I need the name in a reasonable period. I have to say that waiting an extended period of time for names to populate on the MFD is not, frankly, safe. For instance, if I feel a need to call the Vessel Traffic System I am not going to ask for information on MMSI 123456789, but need to request information based on vessel name.

Hoping to resolve this soonest.

Gulfstar 37 Wanderlust
SF Bay

PS - Double checked recent restart at twelve minutes and the Adventure Cat name is displaying now.

Update: Shortly after writing my first post (above) I got to thinking about the comparison of the es98 with OpenCPN. In particular I wondered if the OpenCPN has a cache of MMSI to Vessel Names, and it does.

I have run OpenCPN a on a semi-regular basis over the past few years, so it had an "advantage" over the eS98.

I may try erasing the cache and do the test over again, and my hunch is that the two systems will record the names at the same time.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Robert,

As you have suggested, Raymarine's MFDs do not maintain a database of AIS target data linking MMSIs to vessels names. Accordingly, should the equipment be switched OFF, then the MFD will initially display the MMSI of the vessel. Unlike AIS position reports, which may be transmitted as frequently as every 30 seconds (for vessels moving more than 2 kts), static data for vessels is transmitted at 6 minute intervals unless AIS traffic density blocks transmission of this lower priority data.

A feature request will be logged to consider addition of a persistent vessel MMSI / name database within a future a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD software update.

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