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Full Version: Ray planner purchase
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I have tried for several days to purchase the ray planner software and can neither create an account ,on your website , nor can I contact anyone by telephone. Can you help?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum John,

We're sorry to learn that you are experiencing problem's with the Chart Store's web site. Should one be attempting purchase Voyage Planner (Raymarine offers no product titled "Ray planner") and be having issues with the creating an account on the Chart Store, logging in to the Chart Store, or purchasing Voyage Planner via the Chart Store, then it is recommended that the Chart Store be contacted at 416-920-9300 ext 2 or support@charts.raymarine.com.
Correct on the "Voyage Planner". I tried to contact them on the number posted on the website 603-324-7900 without success. I will try this number.
You're welcome.
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