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Full Version: Replacing all electronics
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Thanks for the compliment on the diagram but when I was working on it this evening I realized that I show both a fluxgate compass and an EV-1 Sensor core. If I understand the new technology correctly I do not need the fluxgate compass if I use the sensor core. Is that correct? Is there any reason to keep the fluxgate compass in place (assuming the lightning did not destroy it)?
I like visualizing the equipment so I copied icons from various manuals and created the attached version of the layout diagram. I still show the fluxgate compass until I hear from you that it is not needed with this new technology and should be removed.

Thanks again for all your help. I would not be this far along without your assistance.

Should one become a member of the Forum and then log into the Forum, then they will have access to attachments included within the Forum's threads. As you have suggested, I had previously missed the fact that your diagram lacked an EV-1 Sensor Core. While your latest diagram correctly includes the addition of the EV-1 Sensor Core, it still erroneously shows a fluxgate compass interfaced to the ACU.
The fluxgate compass has now been removed in the attached diagram

The only comment that I have with respect to the latest diagram is that the backbone is be powered from one end of the backbone rather than the approximate midpoint of the backbone's LEN load as had been previously advised.
I have moved the power point to the middle of the backbone and have added the rudder reference that I left out of the previous layout. I just want to confirm with you that the power does go into the white fitting on the ITC5. That's what the manual shows too but a white spur cable was included with the device.
Where can I purchase a supply of the female miniconnectors that are used on the ends of the wind transducer and the speed/depth transducer wires? The standard pink connectors that Ancor sells are too wide.
The layout I posted last night showed the cables connecting the MFD and the i70 at the Navigation station to the backbone as backbone cable. These should have been spur cables. I have corrected in the attached,.
In my new set up I will have two analog instruments - the oil pressure and the engine temperature. Are there transducers for these measurements that I could buy that will interface with the Seatalkng NMEA2000 system?

Please note that your diagram lacks power cables for the system's two MFDs. The iTC-5's SeaTalkng spur socket may indeed be used to power the SeaTalkng backbone. Regarding the 1/8" female blade connectors used to terminate the leads of instrument transducer cables, it is recommended that the Internet be searched for a supplier of these connectors by using the key words 1/8" female blade connectors. Raymarine does not offer any analog to NMEA 2000 engine sensors. You may want to look at the analog to NMEA 2000 engine gateway offered by Actisense, Noland, etc.
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