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Full Version: Replacing all electronics
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For clarification purposes, please attach a photo of the display's face to assist showing the space vacated by the missing parts.
Glad to learn of your success ... great diagram.
When I tested the auto pilot it operates in reverse. That is when I tell it to change course to the right it steers to the left. I thought this was just an issue of switching the two wires for the linear drive clutch but I did that and the unit still works backwards. Also the rudder reference indicates backwards. I switched the blue and green wires but that did not correct the problem. Would appreciate your suggestions.

As indicated within FAQ referenced within my prior response, the incorrect steering direction would not be caused by the reversed clutch leads. This problem may result from rudder leads and/or drive motor leads which have been incorrectly connected to and ACU or autopilot course computer. Please refer to the FAQ referenced within my previous response for information concerning how to correct the rudder angle and steering problems which you have reported.
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