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Full Version: XM Audio Channels past 223
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My SR 150 connected to an a78 MFD will not get any XM channel past 223.
Any thoughts?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum kssoninc,

The SR150 is a SiriusXM receiver and as you have indicated the current software of the SR150 is designed to support selection of SiriusXM programming from channel 000 through channel 223. We have verified that other SiriusXM receivers such as the SXV300 which is widely used in conjunction with SiriusXM ready stereo head units support these same channels as well as channel selections up to 470. As a result of this investigation, a feature request has been submitted to seek an update to the SR150's software (or other appropriate action) to support SiriusXM channels 224 through 470.
Thanks Chuck, XM moved all the NFL play by play to channels 223-250 so it will be nice to hear the Patriots games again when the update occurs.
Thanks for the additional information concerning the programming changes to the NFL PxP channels ... Go Pats!
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