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Full Version: Removal of marine electronics in preparation for winter layup
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Removal of marine electronics in preparation for winter layup

LCD technology has improved significantly since they first began appearing in marine electronics. Such LCD technology improvements include cold weather performance and resistance to damage when stored in very cold temperatures ... one only has to look to the extensive use of LCDs within modern automobiles. With the exception of those those devices which may be easily removed from the vessel, it is not a common practice for modern marine electronics devices to be removed from the vessel in preparation for winter layup unless there are concerns about theft of the marine electronics. That said, care should be taken to protect the products from accumulation of snow and ice. Additionally, any removable thru-hull transducer inserts should be extracted from their respective housings to prevent any trapped water from freezing within the housings. The supplied blanking plug w/cap should then be installed in place of any transducer insert which has been extracted from a transducer housing.

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