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Full Version: replacing st 40 depth and wind and also st50 speed
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I would like to replace my existing instruments st 40 wind and st 40 depth with i60 wind and i50 depth and replace the st 50 speed with the i50. Can I use the existing transducers for each? Any other cables etc. needed?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Chuck,

It is indeed possible to interface a Rotavecta wind transducer to an i60 Wind Instrument and then calibrate the wind transducer. It is additionally possible to interface the depth and speed/temp transducers from ST50 instruments to i50 instruments. As the ST50 depth and speed/temp transducer cables were terminated with plugs rather than bare leads, these plugs will need to be removed, 1/8" female blade connectors will need to be attached to the transducer leads, and then the transducer leads will be connected to the matching colored terminals of the i50 instruments.
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