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Full Version: RD424 modulator board replacement
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I have a 2006 4 kw analog radome (SN AE52067) that stopped working. I believe the problem is a blown diode, but don't know how to confirm that, or which one it might be. The sticker on the modulator board gives the following information: 4kw Dome Mod; 4610-005; 6797 474Z. Two questions:
1) What do the numbers signify?
2) Where can I get a replacement board?
I am in Panama, so my repair/parts sources options are very limited.

Douglas McLean
s/v Gillean
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Douglas,

Unfortunately, internal component level diagnostics is outside of the scope which may be provided. Additionally, parts and service are no longer available for radome and open array radar pedestals lacking Ethernet communications interfaces (ex. 2D, 4D, RD218, and RD424 radomes). One of our US west coast dealers, Radar Marine, has had a history of repairing / supporting radar products following their retirement by Raymarine. Accordingly, it is recommended that Radar Marine be contacted to determine whether they can provide parts and service for your radome. The label which you have referenced is a production lot/inspection label and would not be used in identifying the part.
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