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Dear Board Members,

I'm trying to put my MMSI, boat name and Etc, and the software doesn't allows me. Could I missing something? Do I need other soft to write? I Live in Brazil and here there is no especial requirements to write the number. Could you help me?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jazevedo,

Please note that unlike the AIS650 which is capable of both transmitting AIS information and receiving AIS transmissions, the AIS350 is a receive-only device and is therefore only capable of receiving AIS transmissions from other vessels. As MMSIs are only assigned to transmitting devices, the ProAIS2 software does not support entering MMSI and static data into receive-only AIS devices (ex. AIS350, AIS250). An AIS650, rather than an AIS350, is recommended for those seeking an AIS transceiver for use with their marine electronics system.
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