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Full Version: Unable to update product's software via SeaTalkng backbone
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Unable to update product's software via SeaTalkng backbone

Occasionally when performing software updates via a MFD to devices which have been interfaced to one another via a powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng backbone, one or more of the devices will fail to update. Generally, this problem may be addressed by simply performing the software update procedure to devices a second time. Should the second attempt to perform the software update also fail, then it would be advised that
1) all spurs except for the MFD's spur and the spur for the device to be updated be disconnected from the SeaTalkng backbone, and
2) that the software update then be attempted again.

Should the problem persist thereafter, then it would be recommended that the device(s) which failed to receive the software update be updated by a Certified Raymarine Installer or sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked and to have the software update(s) performed.

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