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Full Version: Crossover connectpor for Quantum and eS127
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I am considering connecting the Quantum radar to the eS127 MFD without the use of an HS5 for now. I would add the HS5 later when we add additional needed equipment.

I am planning on connecting the A80006 20M raynet cable from the eS127 to the mast. I believe I would then need a crossover connector to connect to the A80006 to the A80229 power and data cable coming from the Quantum.

Can you please confirm this will work and provide me with the part number for the crossover connector to be used.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Lazybones,

A crossover coupler would not be used for the stated purpose. As both Digital Radar Cables and the A80006 20M RayNet (F) to RayNet (F) Cable both feature RayNet (F) plugs, an A80162 RayNet (M) to RayNet (M) Adapter would be used to join the two cables which you have listed.
Thank you. Sorry for the duplicate thread.
You're welcome.
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