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Full Version: A67 issues - GPS fix and issuing "goto" command
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A67 installed on sailboat in an Edson chartplotter housing on pedestal guard. Updated to latest software. The A67 always takes about 20 minutes to get a solid GPS fix. During that 20 minutes, it will obtain and then loose the fix numerous times, alarming every time. After 20 minutes, the fix is pretty solid. This is way too long.

Also having issues selecting a waypoint for navigation. The only way I can get it to accept a "goto" command is to select the waypoint by touching it on the chart and then selecting "goto" from there. If I go to waypoint list and and select a waypoint and then select "goto", the A67 responds as if it is accepting command, but it doesn't work.
Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Keith,

Should the a67 MFD be installed in a location affording it to have an unobstructed view of the skies overhead and the MFD's internal GPS sensor take as long as you have specified to acquire a GPS position FIX, then it would appear that their is a problem with the MFD's internal GPS sensor necessitating that it be serviced by Raymarine Product Repair Center. Should the a67 MFD not be installed in a location affording it an unobstructed view of the skies overhead, then it may be necessary to interface the MFD to an external GPS sensor such as the Raystar 130 GPS Sensor.

The a67 MFD's internal GPS sensor may be tested by temporarily moving the MFD for testing purposes to a location affording it an unobstructed view of the skies overhead. Should the MFD rapidly (within 3 minutes) acquire a GPS FIX, then the MFD's internal GPS sensor would be deemed to be functioning correctly.

When selecting to GoTo a Waypoint from the Chart application's Waypoint List (MENU->MY DATA->WAYPOINTS), it is necessary to have first command Stop GoTo if previous navigation has been commanded (GoTo Waypoint/Cursor Position or Follow Route). It is not permitted to command navigation from the Home screen's My Data options.
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