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Full Version: [CA] E120 Classic trunion questions
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Hello. I recently purchased a boat with two E120 Classics flush mounted in the pilothouse. I would like to move them to the flybridge but there is no room to flush mount them there so they would have to mounted via trunnions. Unfortunately I don't have the trunnions so my questions are as follows:

Are trunnions for these available from Raymarine..?

If not, I'll know I'll have to try to find them online (ebay or something). I've already seen one but it was the trunnion part number for a C120 classic. They had it advertised as fitting both the C120 & E120 classic units. Can you tell me if that C120 Classic trunnion would work with a E120 Classic unit..?

Last, do you know if any of the new model trunnions will or could work with the E120 Classic with perhaps some minor modification...?

Thanks, Adam.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Adam,

Unfortunately, trunion mounts for the E-Series Classic MFDs are no longer available and those designed for use with other MFDs would not be compatible with an E-Series Classic MFD. The closest trunion design to that of the E-Series Classic MFDs would be the trunion mounts for the C-Series Classic MFDs (C80, C120).
Thanks for the info.
You're welcome.
Adam, I have the original bracket for the E120 Classic. I mounted mine in a Navpod during install. This bracket has never been mounted. It also includes the knobs.

Make me an offer that I can't refuse, and it is yours.

Hi Chuck: Would Raymarine be willing to make available the cad files for obsolete accessories such as trunion mounts and sun covers? This would enable us to have them 3D printed or CNC as appropriate. This would be an enormously helpful service to both your dealers and customers.

All such available data would be found on Raymarine's Product Documentation web pages. A feature request will be logged to request that any available CAD drawings for trunion mounts and suncovers retired products be added to Raymarine's Product Documentation web pages.

Please click here more information concerning product and feature suggestions.
Do you have a part number for this trunion? Is there only one trunion for the c80 and the C120?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jeff,

The part number for the C-Series Classic MFD Trunion Brackets were:
- R08009: C70 Trunion Bracket Kit
- R08020: C80 Trunion Bracket Kit
- R08031: C120 Trunion Bracket Kit

The part number for the E-Series Classic MFD Trunion Brackets were:
- R58204: E80 Trunion Bracket Kit
- R58205: E120 Trunion Bracket Kit

Please note that these brackets were only available in kits (no longer available) which additionally included trunion knobs and mounting hardware.
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