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Full Version: power/data cable from Radar quantum
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The power/data cable from the quantum has three wires for power. Red, Black and Green. We are connecting to a distribution panel.

Do we use the green wire and if so do we connect it to negative as well as the black?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Lazybones,

The radar cable's green lead is its drain lead. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing product drain leads.
Can the use of a dyna plate which is used for the RF copper ground of a SSB be used for the drain wire?

As long as the SSB is properly grounded, the drain leads of the other marine electronics may also be connected to the Dynaplate which the SSB has been interfaced to. It is recommended that you verify that the Dynaplate has also been connected to the boat's engine block.
There are two dyna playes in tandem and they are not connected to the engine block, should they be?

Yes, the Dynaplates should be connected to the engine block.
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