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Full Version: Yamaha command link engine ID problem
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I have a E127 mfd. and yamaha F225 engines. they are interfaced with command link >E100
Both engines were identifying fine before I upgraded from V16 to V17 software.
Now even if set up as though I only have one engine the starboard engine won't identify.
I know I have the E127 set up correctly because the port engine comes up fine.
And I know I'm getting data voltage at the command link hub from both engines.
I believe the issue may be something with the V17 software because the problem engine is early command link and may be sending some slightly different data that worked on V16 and not V17
I'd like to reinstall V16 to verify this.
Can someone get in touch with me as to how I can get a V16 chip to load up?

714 612 3695
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bill,

What make/model of engine gateway has been installed between the SeaTalkng backbone and the Yamaha Command Link backbone?
Im using the ECI-100.

Please note that we have not received similar reports from systems including ECI-100 engine gateways and the v17.45/46 software updates. Following the software update, did you use the Identify Engines feature (HOME->SET-UP->SYSTEM SET-UP->EXTERNAL DEVICES->ENGINES SET-UP->IDENTIFY ENGINES) to individually start up and identify each engine? What version of software is presently installed within the ECI-100?
Yes, I've done the step by step engine ID several times. In fact, if I use the port engine for both engines it ID's fine and tracks the port engine as if I had dual engines.
I had my mechanic put the starboard engine on his laptop to verify that the engine computer is working. It is 100% fine.
I'm down to only one possibility and that is that the Lighthouse V17 software isn't compatible with one of my engines.
When I updated my E127 I assume it automatically updated the ECI-100 to the V17 since it was interfaced at the time. Correct?

Updating the MFD's software does not necessarily update the software of interfaced Raymarine devices. Updating of the peripheral devices is dependent upon options selected during the update process. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to determine the versions of software within the products of your Raymarine system.

As indicated, the v17.45 a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD software update was release prior to the start of the 2016 boating season and has been installed on countless vessels having Yamaha engine systems with ECI-100 engine gateways. This is the first such report received of a problem associated with engine identification, making it seem quite unlikely that the problem is associated with the R17 software update. However, should you desire to downgrade your MFD's software to R16, it may be downloaded to your computer by clicking here. Instructions for copying the software update files to a microSD memory card and for performing the software update may be found here.
I found the issue.
The command link hub is getting voltage from the port engine. So that ignition switch has to be on when identifying/starting the starboard engine.
If a red led is on on the ECI-100 would the E127 ID it for software upgrades? Or do the green leds have to be on for the mfd to find the device?
I'll look in to it more when I have time.

Both the SeaTalkNG and Engine sides of the ECI-100 are powered before starting the update procedure. – (Both LED’s flashing green)
Now I have a new issue. When I go through the engine ID procedure the ECI-100/mfd identifies both engines fine and I get a big green check mark. Then when I go to the engine data page I'm only seeing the starboard engine.
The first couple of times I went through the procedure I saw both engines for a few seconds and then the port enginge data disappeared.
This started right after I updated the ECI-100 to the latest software.
I'm thinking that the ECI-100 may have stopped working properly.
What now?
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