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Full Version: Non-Raymarine Radar compatibility with Raymarine Ax or Cx MFD
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I just bought a sailboat that has a Nobeltec InSight Radar 2 (IR2) setup where the previous owner had the Nobeltec software loaded on a laptop and the signals from the radar dome wired into the laptop. I don't want to continue with this laptop setup; I want to install either a Raymarine Ax series or a Cx series MFD in the boat. Is the Nobeltec radar compatible with the Raymarine MFDs? Do I have to install a Raymarine dome? If I do install a Raymarine Quantum Radar (WiFi) can I use the existing power cord to the radar (update the power connectors)? Thanks.
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Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As indicated within the referenced FAQ, third party radar transducers are not compatible with Raymarine MFDs and radar displays. Should the currently installed power cable feature power and drain leads of sufficient gauge, then the power cable supplied with the Quantum radome may be spliced to the currently installed radar cable.
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