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Full Version: tranducer interface
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I have an e125, a CP450C, and a M265LH transducer. The transducer has no plug, just a bare cable. I have been told there is a converter that will allow me to to wire the transducer to connect to the CP450C but I cant seem to locate the part number and / or specifications.

Can you confirm that such a converter exists, part number etc? thank you
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum farwest217,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing use of third party transducers with Raymarine MFDs. While Gemeco, Airmar's US distributor, offers a transducer junction box which Airmar markets to interface its CHIRP transducers with Raymarine's CHIRP sounder modules, such junction boxes are not supported by Raymarine. You may want to contact Gemeco for further information on this subject. Raymarine exclusively recommended that the CP450C be used with the transducers found here.
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