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Transducer parts

With the exception of parts for instrument wind transducers and transducers designed to be directly mated TRANSDUCER socket of the following products, Raymarine does not stock transducer parts:
- Axiom DV/RV MFDs
- Axiom Pro S/RVX MFDs
- RVX1000 High Performance 3D Sonar Module
- Dragonfly products
- ax8 MFDs
- eSx8 MFDs
- CP100 CHIRP/DownVision Fishfinder Sounder Module
- CP200 SideVision Sounder Module

Customers seeking transducer parts for other fishfinding products, for instrument depth transducers, or for speed/temperature instrument transducers are referred to Gemeco (843.210.7000) for such parts. Generally, Gemeco (a division of Airmar, Inc..( the transducer's manufacturer) can provide information and/or supply the required transducer or transducer parts when supplied with the model of fishfinder, model of instrument, identification information that is printed on the tag that is attached to the transducer's cable.

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