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Full Version: Quantum interfaced over wi-fi not usable on other MFD's
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This thread may be more appropriate in the MFD forum, but here goes:

I have a STNG setup with an a98, eS78, Evo pilot, 3 i70's, AIS 650, DST800 and ST60 wind. I recently installed a Quantum wi-fi only radar and successfully connected it to the eS78 via Wi-Fi. However, i cannot access any of the radar functionality on my a98 MFD.

The MFD's are both connected over STng and Raynet through a HS5 switch. The cable running to the a98 (which is binnacle mounted) is spliced through a commercial ethernet junction box as the cable end was too large to fit through the binnacle turns.
I have confidence that the Raynet connection is working, as I see a data light on the a98's port on the HS5, and can see routes and waypoints created on the other MFD. As additional troubleshooting, I disconnected the STNG for the a98 and terminated it, and was still able to see all system data and control the autopilot from that MFD, indicating that all data was being bridged to the Ethernet network via the eS78 which is configured as data master.

The exact symptoms I am getting are: when selecting the Radar function from the home screen on the a98, i get a 'radar offline/not connected' dialog, and then press ok. It proceeds to search and cannot find the radar. This is true for the radar in standby, transmit, or off; the radar is visible and functional on the eS78.

Another step I attempted was to connect the radar's wifi to the a98 directly. However, I don't have the option in the a98's wireless connections/external devices setup to connect to a Quantum radar.

Please advise any additional troubleshooting steps or if I am missing some configuration. I have updated both to R17. Now that I type it all down, it seems indicative that maybe the update didn't take on the a98, but that doesn't seem likely since I can share chart and waypoint data between both displays and that is only supposed to be possible with the same software build.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Heath,

After powering all of the system's equipment ON and commanding the Quantum radome into transmit mode via the eS78 MFD, then please display, save the system's Select Device diagnostics list, and attach it to a response to this thread for further analysis. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to produce the specified Select Device list file.

After typing out all the symptoms in my original post, it sounded to me like very much a software issue. I went and verified the version of the OS on the a98 and sure enough it was an iteration of r14. I guess when i updated it prior it didn't take or aborted somehow.

I have updated the software to r17 and everything works as intended.

I am having trouble getting the system connected to the Internet but I will inquire about that in a separate post. I have more symptom elaboration to do.


Thanks for the update.
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