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Full Version: Daisy Chaining
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I am installing (1) A98 MFD (2) i70 and (1) P70 at the helm station. Can I daisy chain these devices together with the P70 going into a STng 5-way block? This is part of an EV-200 installation on an existing STng network. See attached diagram. Elements in black are existing and elements in blue are to be added.
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Up to three devices were permitted to be daisy chained together within a SeaTalkng spur. The total length of spur cable used to create the SeaTalkng spur was not exceed 6m. Such daisy chains required that devices within the middle of a daisy chain each have two SeaTalkng spur sockets. Raymarine's i50, i60, i70, p70, and p70R devices each had two SeaTalkng spur sockets to support such daisy chains. However, the NMEA 2000 standard does not permit such daisy chains. With the understanding that Raymarine is seeking NMEA 2000 Certification for its latest generation of products, the i70s, p70s, and p70Rs which have been designed to replace the i70, p70s, and p70Rs respectively feature only one SeaTalkng spur socket. Similarly, Raymarine MFDs, EV-1/2 Sensor Cores, and Evolution ACUs feature only one SeaTalkng spur socket.
I plan to daisy chain a Raymarine a65 chart plotter to a P70 which will be connected to a SeaTalkng backbone. Will the a65 receive power from the backbone or does it require an independent power source?
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