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Full Version: Difference in series.
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Looking at the E and ES MFD units. What is the big differences and is the E series still made ? Cant seem to find the E 70024LNC listed on your site ?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mr 88,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As indicated within the FAQ, the eS-Series MFDs have been designed and introduced to replace the e-Series MFDs. For the most part, the eS-Series MFDs are simply an evolved e-Series MFD. As Raymarine, Inc. has essentially sold all remaining inventories of its 7", 9", and 12" e-Series MFDs, the Order tab of the e-Series MFD web page only provides information concerning the e165 MFDs for which Raymarine continues to have inventory. While it is possible that some Raymarine dealers may have an inventory of e127 MFDs, we would not be able to identify which dealers may have such inventories.
Ok ,I ended up buying a refurbished E127 because of the price point, warranty, water I am on and what functions I will be using 99% of the time. Interfacing it with new HD418RD and EV 200 ,engines not new enough to use the engine gauges feature. Lake Ontario has no structure to speak of so the digital sonar will be fine, as we fish thermoclines. Probably upgrade in a few years as newer models are always on the horizon. Thanks for the reply.
You're welcome.
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